The Perfect Resume for a Dietitians and Nutritionists

The dietary industry always needs qualified nutritionists to help its growing number of clients. When you have the qualifications required for this career, you can apply for and get the job of your dreams by creating a resume that will catch the attention of potential employers.

Style and Formatting


As you prepare to create your resume, it is important that you choose a style and format that is in line with the job for which you are preparing. Many job recruiters in this industry prefer that resumes be formatted simply in block style and that they feature concise and to-the-point wording.

Your resume should also feature your educational and work history in chronological order starting with your most recent employment and scholastic pursuits. You may also include brief highlights of any scholastic and career honors you have earned.

Mistakes to Avoid

If you are new to creating a resume for a job in the dietician or nutrition industry, you may be prone to making a few simple yet correctable mistakes. One of the most common errors that plague industry newcomers' resumes is misspelled words. If you use a word document program to draft your resume, chances are that the spell checker will catch and correct these errors for you, however.

You also should avoid punctuation errors. Even the smallest misplaced comma, period, or other punctuation can throw off the readability and appearance of your resume. You should proofread it or check it with a reputable resume builder before you print it off or submit it with an application.

Email Formatting

Many job recruiters today insist on applicants emailing their resumes instead of submitting them in person. If you plan on emailing yours, you should make sure it is saved in a format that is easy to open and also does not change the appearance of your resume.

Many people save their resumes as .pdf or .rtf files. They also use Microsoft Word instead of other document programs like Openoffice. Microsoft Word tends to be more universal and can be opened easier than other word programs.

Online Help

Despite being somewhat familiar with resume formatting, you still may hesitate to create yours without some guidance and help. When you want a resume that looks appealing and also matches the industry standard, you may find it beneficial to use an online resume building website like

This resource offers an array of resume styles from which to choose. It also allows you to save, edit, and email your resume as needed.

The dietary industry continues to grow. You can find your ideal job today by creating an eye-catching and compelling resume.