Dietitian and Nutritionist Salary Information

As the population ages and people everywhere develop unique dietary needs, the need for qualified nutritionists and dietary specialists continues to grow. You may decide to join this burgeoning industry after you learn more about your earning potential and the salaries commonly found within dietary-related professions.

Earning Potential for Nutritionists and Dieticians


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dieticians and nutritionists in the U.S. earn on average salaries that range from $35,540 to $75,430 a year. The base wage for people in this industry begins at $27.38 an hour.

Given these figures, it is little wonder that the dietary profession is appreciated as one of the most lucrative high paying jobs available in the professional market. As appealing as these numbers are, however, this profession still lacks a sufficient amount of dieticians and nutritionists and in fact still has plenty of opportunities available for people interested in joining its ranks.

Increased Salary with Experience

As with any profession, experience definitely matters when it comes to earning some of the highest salaries in the dietary and nutritionist profession. Moreover, it often only takes a person a few years to gain the experience needed to start earning these higher numbers.

Nutritionists and dieticians benefit from on-the-job training that often cannot be found in any level of formal or vocational educational training. As you work in this profession, you pick up knowledge and gain skills that make you increasingly more marketable. You also gain leverage to use if you ever decide to renegotiate your salary.

Salary Negotiation Tips

Some employment insiders urge people to proceed with caution when discussing salary during interview sessions with potential employers. It is true that this caution is well-heeded if you are new to the profession or if you lack the experience to demand the higher wages.

However, if you have worked in this industry for a number of years and feel confident in your ability to meet or exceed the expectations of the available position, you may decide to negotiate a higher salary during your interview.

You can also negotiate a higher earning potential during on-the-job performance reviews or interviews for promotions within the company for which you already work. You can learn how to negotiate confidently and with the proper amount of knowledge by referring to free online earning potential resources.

The nutritional industry continues to grow as more people need such specialized dietary services. You may decide that this profession is right for you after learning about its earning possibilities. You can also negotiate higher salaries as you gain experience.