Cholesterol - Lowering Foods

Foods low in cholesterol are great choices for anyone interested in reducing heart disease risk. Because the body normally makes cholesterol on its own, dietary cholesterol is unnecessary for good health. In fact, many experts agree that eating cholesterol raises the likelihood of atherosclerosis, a major factor in heart disease. Fortunately, the lack of cholesterol in all plant foods makes keeping a low-cholesterol diet easy.

High cholesterol Risk factors

A number of studies have linked high cholesterol to heart disease risk. The China Study, performed by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, found that rural Chinese people had very low cholesterol and rarely suffered heart attacks. These individuals ate very little fat and little or no animal foods.

Although atherosclerosis is not simply caused by cholesterol consumption, dietary cholesterol provides fuel for the process. The body uses the cholesterol to make plaques on artery walls when inflammation occurs. Because virtually all people have some level of inflammation occurring in their bodies, choosing low cholesterol food will be a wise choice for a healthy heart.

Exercise can help strengthen the heart, but risks of heart disease will be reduced further by combining exercise with a low-cholesterol diet. Limiting eggs and red meat and focusing on plant foods is a sure way to keep cholesterol consumption low.