All Nutrients

Cholesterol (CHOLE)

The lipid or Cholesterol is essential for hormone productions and stable vitamin D levels. However, too much cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease.

Carbohydrates (CHOCDF)

Carbohydrates provide the body with essential energy. Check out our list of foods with carbohydrates in them and make your own Carb Diet Meal Plan.


Also known as monosaccharides, the Sugar is found naturally in nearly all foods and it’s necessary to regulate their daily intake. Check foods with sugar in them


Check here foods with fiber in them. Remember that fiber slows digestion, stabilizes blood sugar levels and aids waste elimination.

Protein (PROCNT)

Protein helps to build muscle and provide energy. Click here, discover all foods with protein in them and make your own protein diet meal plan


Fat foods provides energy and insulation. Nevertheless you must to know the fat amounts in each food and regulate your dairy intake.

Caffeine (CAFFN)

You must regulate caffeine intake. Click here, discover all foods with Caffeine in them and make your own caffeine dairy intake plan.


The water is a nutrient found naturally in nearly all foods. Click here to know the water amounts of all foods we consume.

Alcohol (ethyl)

Click here to discover all foods with Alcohol in them. You'll know exactly the Alcohol amounts of all foods and drinks we consume usually.

Calories (kcal)

It is as important the ability to use or burn calories properly as regulate your dairy intake. Find here foods with calories in them.