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Knowing nutrition facts is crucial for designing a healthy diet. While many processed food labels list these facts, whole foods generally do not come with this information. This means that health-conscious consumers must find these facts elsewhere. With an understanding of how much protein, fat, minerals and vitamins is contained in different food types, you can more easily build a diet that supports your health.

Good Health Requires a Nutritious Diet


Macronutrients, including fat, are used by the body for energy and tissue repair. Micronutrients are vital for normal functioning, and deficiencies in either vitamins or minerals can have devastating consequences. Although one does not necessarily have to satisfy their requirements for every nutrient every day, eating a variety of nutritious foods every day can help ensure that the body stays nourished.

Finding Nutrient Information

You may find that you can eat healthy more easily with the right resource. Fortunately, you do not need to painstakingly look up nutrient facts all over the Internet every time you eat. Here, you can browse numerous food categories and search for nutrition information on specific baby foods, baked goods, popular meals and more.

Determine Your Calorie Requirements

Everyone needs calories to function, but the exact number people need depends on several factors. For example, metabolism tends to decrease with age, making calorie requirements smaller as a result. Activity boosts calorie burning, so the optimal amount of calories rises along with it. Gender, weight and height are other factors that affect how many calories you should eat. Because many factors affecting calorie needs can change over time, knowing how many calories you require can be tricky.

Calorie Requirements Are Essential for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, you should know how many calories your body needs. Otherwise, you might eat too many or too few calories. While too many calories will prevent weight loss, too few may reduce your metabolism and stall your results. Furthermore, you will require less food as your weight goes down. Knowing exactly how many calories you need to function will support your long-term weight loss progress.

Use a Calorie Calculator

Calorie needs are impractical to figure on your own. Besides the fact that calorie requirements can change, the time spent on this task can be used more efficiently on other aspects of your health. This means that a calculator for this purpose can be one of the most powerful nutrition tools available to you. You can visit to see exactly how many calories your body needs.